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Membership Agreement

This Membership Agreement must be completed by the student or parent/guardian if the student is less than 18 years of age. The responsible party agrees that you have read. understand and agree to the Membership Agreement and the Membership Terms & Conditions as described on pages three (3) & four (4) of this document. You understand that we require 30 day advance notice via email to or filling out our cancellation/suspension form in house for any/all changes/suspensions/cancellations to your account. Verbal requests will not be accepted. By submitting this Membership Agreement. you authorize Black Rock Martial Arts to charge your credit card on a recurring monthly basis.
By signing this document, you are agreeing to Membership Terms & Conditions.
Print Student Name (Parent/Guardian if under 18yrs of age)(Required)


A membership period is defined as one (1) month. Memberships are automatically renewed every month unless cancellation is provided within thirty (30) days of your membership renewal period. Black Rock Martial Arts reserves the right to change membership fee schedules at any time.
If, for any reason, you need to stop training, either permanently or temporarily, you understand that it is your responsibility to send an email to or fill out a cancellation/suspension form at least 30-days prior to your renewal date or 2 weeks prior to your requested suspension date. Please make sure you receive a reply from us acknowledging that we received your request. Membership cancellation and suspension requests must be submitted via email or via our cancellation form. We do not accept either request in any other form of communication other than email or by filling out the form. Members that fail to give 30 days written notice will not be granted a refund.
Members may suspend their account for 1 month per year. After the members 1 month suspension has finished, regular billing will resume without notice. Members that suspend their membership for more than 1 month in a year are subject to losing their spot in classes. Requests must be made at least 2 weeks prior to requested suspension date. Requests MUST be submitted via email to or by filling out our cancellation/suspension form. Please make sure you receive a reply from us acknowledging that we received your request.
It is the students' responsibility to insure there is always an active credit card on file for monthly membership payment processing. If your credit card does not process, we will provide a one-time courtesy of a reminder to submit new payment information. If the payment fails a second time, a $25 processing fee will be charged for each month the payment is late. If the credit card fails to process a third time, Black Rock Martial Arts reserves the right to cancel your Page 3 of 4 membership after your account is brought current. Please remember to keep your payment information current and accurate so your membership remains in good standing.
You (signee) understand that it is your responsibility to make sure your payment is received on-time. Should your credit card, bank account, or other form of payment change, you will notify Black Rock Martial Arts at least 15-days prior to the next billing cycle to avoid a late fee penalty of $25. Black Rock Martial Arts will not send a reminder of any form of payment being due. Your credit card or bank account statement will act as your receipt of payment.
If you wish to cancel this agreement, you may do so by emailing your request to within 7 davs of your first class. The notice must sav that you no longer wish to be bound by this agreement, and that you would like to cancel your membership. This agreement may also be cancelled if Black Rock Martial Arts ceases operations.
Black Rock Martial Arts reserves the right to make temporary and/or permanent modifications to the schedule at any time, for any reason.
Uniforms, equipment, camps, private lessons, belts etc. are all additional costs and are not included in with tuition or registration. Uniforms (doboks) and belts are the only required equipment for Taekwondo. When member receives a new belt, their account will be billed for the cost of belt. Kickboxing requires hand wraps and boxing gloves. Gear may be purchased through Black Rock Martial Arts, or any other supplier. Please ask your instructor for gear requirement guidance.
By choosing a membership plan and signing above, I indicate that I have read and understand the terms of this Membership Agreement, and that I have read and signed a Liability Waiver Form. This agreement, and its information, will remain on file in a secure location, within the Black Rock Martial Arts office unless the terms and conditions change. At that time, a new contract will be executed.
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